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Take our Beer Barrel Bus / Beer Barrel Trolley to taste and tour at three local craft breweries.

The resurgence of craft beer is upon us! As you’re guided on this all-inclusive tour to taste samples at three breweries and tour one brewing production facility, enjoy the distinctive qualities of Chicago craft brewing while reveling in the artistic triumphs of this charming and historic city. This full-bodied voyage will indeed leave your palette pleased!

There’s no better way to travel from brewery to brewery than in a Prohibition-era styled barrel bus! Step on the bus through the speakeasy style vertical door to start your one of a kind Chicago Brewery Tour.

Each brewery has its own unique qualities. As you stop at some large and small facilities, you can get the sense of what it was like to step in a brewery back before Prohibition. You will receive samples of craft beer at each of the three breweries and tour one of the production facilities. Enjoy approximately 45-55 ounces of different flavors of craft beer along the entire tour. On the production facility tour, learn the step by step procedures of brewing and the science behind the process.

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