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  • David Baker
    David Baker

    David is a Mechanical and Fluid Power Engineer with a passion for entrepreneurship and vehicles. While obtaining his engineering degree from Purdue University, he founded a successful advertising company, which offered green energy solutions for high impact marketing. At 20, he built a custom 1931 Studebaker Dictator hot rod, which won Best in Class at the Milwaukee World of Wheels. While his creative style is heavily inspired by the industry of the 1920s-1930s, he conceptualizes designs with modern day and future technologies. In his free time he enjoys vintage cars, motorcycles, and the outdoors.

  • Danielle Stone
    Operations Manager
    Danielle Stone

    Danielle hails from the faraway lands of Indiana. She has been a part of The Barrel Run since its beginning and has helped with many early milestones including wood shaping and staining. Today she is the Operations Manager, handling all incoming inquires/emails, merchandise development, social media, and scheduling every event. When she is not handling one of the many tasks that accompany The Barrel Run she enjoys traveling and novels.

  • Jenny Baker
    Brand Ambassador
    Jenny Baker

    Not only is Jenny our Brand Ambassador, but she is also David's sister. She has worked on several creative projects involving special events planning and developing a social network platform. With an M.A. in Business Communication from Purdue University, Jenny continues to work on various communications ventures for The Barrel Run, including hosting private events and tastings, as well as managing networking opportunities. In her spare time, Jenny is most definitely listening to music, taking a cruise in her Subaru, and hanging out with all the dogs.

  • Jack Gallagher
    Tour Guide
    Jack Gallagher

    Jack is a Chicago native and, when he's not riding around in the Barrel, is an actor and comedian. You can see him playing the Best Man in Tony N' Tina's Wedding at Chicago Theater Works. He also teaches at The Second City training center and the Metropolis School of the Performing Arts. Jack's favorite beer is Magic Hat #9, and his favorite Chicago Breweries are Lake Effect, Motor Row, and On Tour.

  • Ben Gibson
    Tour Guide
    Ben Gibson

    Ben graduated college 2 classes short of a history minor that he wasn't pursuing. Aside from loving stories of the past, Ben spends his time as a local actor/filmmaker and enjoys reading books (almost exclusively) about wizards.

  • Jacob Sturgeon
    Tour Guide
    Jacob Sturgeon

    Jacob is a Chicago transplant with a degree in Musical Theatre. He has a passion for beer and all things performance related. His favorite beers are Bell's Two Hearted Ale and Sixpoint Resin. When he's not checking out local breweries he is most likely reading sci-fi novels, playing D&D, or hanging out with his beagle Clay.

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The wood staves, steel hoops, and curved shape resonates the feeling of a real barrel. The copper and brass handrails, lights, and accessories mimic the classic equipment used in the brewing and fermenting process. The vertically opening door was engineered to envision hidden cellars of the 1920’s prohibition era.